Working group 3
Reading and writing on screen

Young boy looking at a tablet screen


  • To identify the current state of knowledge in the area across Europe and contextualise this within the international arena.

  • To develop a theoretical framework for understanding young children’s engagement with multimodal texts.

  • To identify key research questions in the field for future study.

  • To identify key messages for policy makers.

Original mission statement

The WG will identify the current state of knowledge on young children’s reading and writing on screen. It will synthesise research on the quality and uses of e-books and on writing and multimodal design using tablets.

The WG will consider the affordances of apps designed for this age group and identify best design principles. It will develop new theories of early reading and early writing in the digital age.

Finally, the WG will identify the future research agenda in this area and examine the implications of all of the areas investigated for policy in relation to education, parenting and the media industry.