Working groups

Working group in discussion around a desk

The research focused on five specific areas, which were identified as themes, and each had a working group (WG). The WGs all undertook a similar set of tasks:

  • Collection and synthesis of research
    Identifying current European research on the themes and placing this research within an international context. Critical reviews of research in these themes were produced and published in leading academic journals.

  • Identification of future research agendas
    The development and agreement of research agendas that were required in order to take forward European research in each of the thematic areas.

  • Identification of current national culture, policy and practice in relation to digital literacy in early childhood
    A review of how each theme was shaped by diverse European cultures. Analysis of key European and national government documents and publications was undertaken. National policies and practice in relation to each of the themes were mapped. In some cases, analyses of national media were undertaken in relation to each theme.

  • Recommendations for policy makers
    Each WG provided evidence-informed proposals for future policy development. Each WG involved stakeholders including policy makers and educators and ensured that capacity building was undertaken in relation to ESRs.