Who's who

Audience listening to Sonia Liviingstone

Chair of the action: Professor Jackie Marsh, UK

Jackie is interested in the relationship between childhood cultures, play and literacy in the digital age. She has conducted research projects that explored children’s access to new technologies and their emergent digital literacy skills, knowledge and understanding. She has also examined the way in which parents/carers and other family members support this engagement with media and technologies.

Jackie also has conducted a number of research projects that have explored how creative and innovative teachers have responded to the challenges of the new media age. She has evaluated a number of national projects that have aimed to develop teachers’ expertise in the teaching and learning of digital and media literacy. In her more recent research, Jackie has explored changes in children’s play due to developments in media, technology and commercial cultures.

Vice Chair of the action: Professor Ola Erstad, Norway

Academic interests:

  • Digital literacy

  • Technology and education

  • Formal and informal ways of learning

  • Knowledge building with digital tools

  • Digital learning resources

  • Media education in schools

  • Sociocultural learning theory

Science officer of the action: Dr Rossella Magli

Rossella’s main research field is the investigation of the implicit social models conveyed by educational settings and the role that technology plays with respect to: collateral and implicit learning, the structuring of power relations and authority, the representation of knowledge, trust and autonomy, the status of playfulness and work, the interplay between technologies and artistic expression (dance and theatre).

With respect to technologies, she is interested in the promotion of their systemic and ecological integration in social environments taking into account the history, value systems and goals of these environments. A crucial challenge for the future is the design of technology-enhanced physical spaces, as well as the design of less constraining technology interfaces and hardware, to encourage people’s creativity and expression, sense of autonomy and belonging, physicality and spatial appropriation.

Administrative officer of the action: Ms Svetlana Voinova

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