Management committee

The action had a management committee (MC), whose role was to oversee progress on all objectives and make recommendations for future action. The MC also oversaw the development of research bids and policy recommendations emerging from the action. Members of the MC are detailed here.

Steering group

The COST action steering group ensured that all action objectives were met. It set the agenda for the MC meetings and implemented MC policy decisions. It oversaw the project evaluation, website and dissemination plans. Its membership was as follows:

Chair: Jackie Marsh, UK

Vice Chair: Ola Erstad, Norway

Co-chair WG1: Kristiina Kumpulainen, Finland

Co-chair WG1: Julia Gillen, UK

Co-chair WG2: Stavroula Kontovourki, Cyprus

Co-chair WG2: Eufimia Tafa, Greece

Co-chair WG3: Adriana Bus, Netherlands

Co-chair WG3: Natalia Kucirkova, Slovakia/UK

Co-chair WG4: Julian Sefton-Green, UK

Co-chair WG4: Giovanna Mascheroni, Italy

Co-chair WG5: Rosie Flewitt, UK

Co-chair WG5: David Poveda, Spain

Editorial co-manager: Bettina Kummerling-Meibauer, Germany

Editorial co-manager: Iris Susana Pires Pereira, Portugal

Co-training schools manager: Reijo Kupiainen, Finland

Co-training schools manager: Claudia Van Kruistum, Netherlands

Co-STSM manager: László Karvalics, Hungary

Co-STSM manager: Roel Van Steensel, Netherlands

Co-stakeholder manager: Brian O’Neill, Ireland

Co-stakeholder manager: Anca Velicu, Romania

Web and dissemination manager: Bernadette Dwyer, Ireland

Early stage researcher manager: Eithne Kennedy, Ireland

International Advisory Board manager: Kjartan Olafsson, Iceland